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Little Raiders: Robin's revenge is an iOS game developed by Ubisoft and Future Games of London. It is a spin on the classic tale of Robin Hood, but with a few significant changes. It is free on the app store with in game purchases. The currency is silver and amber, both of which can be obtained in raids. The story follows the journey of Robin of Darkwood and crew, as they struggle to retake their land and freedom from the army of the evil Sherrif.

The characters are split into heroes, viliagers, enemies and other residents of the Old Oak. The player starts off with one hero, Robin, who they can send on raids to rescue more villiagers. The villiagers is given a home to live in on the Old Oak from Wakaba the spirit of the tree and can then be trained in the hero's skill (archery, swordsmanship, alchemy etc.) They are equiped with weapons that can be forged in the workshops and level up the more they fight. Each hero can take a mximum of three raiders on the quest, where in time they can rescue another hero, more villiagers and so on. There are a total of five heroes.

The gameplay is, for want of a better word, adorable. The little pixel raiders fight little pixel enemies with little pixel weapons. The quests usually take place on a retangular strip of land, fenced by trees/swamps/buildings on either side. The goal varies depending on difficulty; defend a person or object, defeat a number of enemies, survive for so many minutes. The heros (and crew) can be instructed ot move or attack individually or all at once. They take damage and their weapons are broken once they are knocked out.

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